Thank You Dave Schwartz – TWC/#WUTV

This past weekend the weather community lost a great communicator of weather information, Dave Schwartz of The Weather Channel (TWC).  Any of us who have spent time watching TWC remember Dave as an on-camera meteorologist (OCM) who really stood out because of his delivery.  Reading the many comments on blog posts and TWC’s Facebook page it is easy to find posts on how he connected to viewers, not with his “scientific” explanations or canned, corny phrases, but with plain, natural language.  Dave would pause, as many of us would talking to a friend, when there was a weather stat or fact that may need emphasis.  He did this without being over dramatic, again just being natural.

Personally I really enjoyed his segment on Weather Underground, WUTV, called “Dave’s Wonders of Weather.”  He was on camera with a chalkboard that had an outline of the US and discussed elements of the day’s weather in that same knowledgeable, easy-to-understand, without talking down to you approach.  I could tell he would think about his topics all day just building up to that evening’s discussion.  In addition to the meteorology behind the day’s weather he would also take take to explain the roots of some of the words, history on some of the geography, and throw in a bit of humor.

Watching the tributes yesterday and tonight one can easily see he was a well-liked and respected.  And I really enjoyed hearing Mike Bettes say how he had welcomed him not only to TWC but also showed him around Atlanta and would explain the history of all parts of the city.  Certainly a class act.

If you have not seen these tributes please take a few moments and see who cancer has taken away from us.  My thoughts go out to his family and friends.

AMHQ Sunday Tribute
More reflections of Dave Schwartz


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