7/22/2017 – Another Hot Day Ahead, Storms Possible this Afternoon

Wow, after a high of 98F yesterday in Pompano we could be in store for another day in the upper 90s. This morning’s model runs are showing highs anywhere from 89F (ECMWF) to 99F (GFS operational). The high will be determined by the direction of the local winds. In between is the latest HRRR with 94F.

9am temp at Pompano is 86F with a heat index of 97F, dew point is 77F.

Regardless, we are running a risk of some stronger storms later this afternoon and these should focus on the east coast. Main weather threats today will be frequent lightning, brief gusty winds, and the possibility of funnel clouds. Activity does not appear to be widespread at this time but be ready to head for shelter if you hear thunder but do not cancel your outdoor plans.

Shower activity should become more typical for this time of the year starting tomorrow and into the new week. Temps will also moderate with highs around 90F and lows around 80F through most of the week.

Enjoy your day!


Author: Howard

Love talking about the weather, technology, and family (and not in that order).

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