5/18/19 – Some Clouds and Warm, Isolated Chance of Rain

A few clouds to our east this morning with a temp of 75° and a dew point of 66°, not really muggy feeling at the moment.

There are some showers off shore moving to the mainland but for the most part these will dissipate as they get close to shore since the moisture in the atmosphere is limited to the lower levels. So I cannot rule out a shower or even a thunderstorm this morning but not expecting anything significant.

This afternoon showers will develop west of us and today’s pattern keeps that activity away from us. High today 85° and we will see about the same tomorrow. The next 36 hours has a narrow temperature range for us. We will not see 95° as we did earlier in the week.

There is no reason not to enjoy the outside but if you are at the beaches be cautious of rip currents, we will see a moderate threat with the easterly breeze today.

Lastly for this morning, there is a tropical wave that the National Hurricane Center is monitoring to our east. Development is not likely this weekend and there is a slight chance of development into next week. At that time this system should pose no threat to us. This serves as a reminder that hurricane season is around the corner.

Enjoy your day!


Author: Howard

Love talking about the weather, technology, and family (and not in that order).

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