9/3 – Mostly Dry, Clouds, and Warmth. Watching Irma

We are starting this Sunday off at 79F in Pompano with some clouds. Today should be much like yesterday with a couple stray showers along the coast, more inland and on the west coast.  High today 91F.  The latest HRRR shows the area’s highs looking like this:

Continuing our summer trend into the first couple days of meteorological Fall is that we are still, running slightly above average for our lows while our highs are just about average.

IRMA – too early for anything except to be prepared.  I am confident that there will be a hurricane in the Atlantic moving towards the United States.  Whether there will be a direct impacts or not cannot be determined this far out.  We will all be watching as this storm evolves and by Tuesday there could be some scientific confidence of track and areas that could be more or less in the path.  Until then, be aware that Irma is out there and stay informed through reliable media.  There is plenty of mis-information out there.  Here is the latest forecast for the NHC.

Enjoy the day and I will have an update on Labor Day.


Author: Howard

Love talking about the weather, technology, and family (and not in that order).

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