A Few Notes About Irma – Too Early to Tell

I have received a few calls and emails this afternoon and evening about Irma.  All of us want to know where it will go, and when, and how strong.  The honest answer to all of those questions is that it is still too early to tell.  There are so many factors that we do not know yet that the best answer to just to be ready.  Ready as we all should be at the start of hurricane season.

There is a lot of misinformation I have seen tonight and it clouds the real story for those who may not know what it is like to experience a hurricane or are just confused.  Some examples:

Irma is to be a category 6 – there is no such thing and the NHC, WMO, or any organization will not just come up with a new standard in middle of a season.  

Irma is going to obliterate a city – we do not know where it will go, and no idea of how strong,  Again just a way to get us to click a link.  Do not do it.

Stick to the sources you know and trust.  And when in doubt the National Hurricane Center will give you the official word along with your local National Weather Service office.  For those of us in south Florida that would be the Miami office.

I enjoy sharing my thoughts, my forecasts, and my opinions on our weather but would never want to confuse my readers or contradict official sources.  I will always do my best to respond to your tweets and questions along with providing relevant information.

So for Irma, the best we can do right now is stay informed.  Check in on the storm’s progress a few times a day as we go into this week.  Pick up any supplie you may not have or might be low on.  Especially batteries and water since they are always in short supply as a storm nears.  There is no need to panic, just prepare at this point.

Oh, and here is the latest on Irma from the National Hurricane Center as of 8pm tonight.  Advisories and official track forecasts are issued at 5am/pm and 11am/pm.

Check back tomorrow for more.


Author: Howard

Love talking about the weather, technology, and family (and not in that order).

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