7/8/2018 – Drier Than Normal Summer Day for SFla, Tropical Storm Beryl Disorganized, Tropical Storm Chris Near Carolina Coast

7am temp in Pompano on this Sunday morning is 77F with a “comfortable” dewpoint of 71F. Drier than usual air is over south Florida for this time of the year and this will translate to fewer showers around. The easterly wind will also keep our high today about 90F and push any attitude that should develop further west. Latest HRRR shows this as well.As we go into the coming work week we will return to about normal rain chances and about normal temps. Latest NWS temps for Pompano like this.Tropics have become a bit busier since we entered July. What was hurricane Beryl in now Tropical Storm Beryl moving west-northwest this morning with max winds of 45mph. Air Force recon has found Beryl disorganized and there is little signs of strengthening over the next few days. Latest model plots look like this.Tropical Storm Chris was upgraded this morning from TD3. Chris should be of no concern for us. Chris is forecasted to strengthen as it meanders off the Carolina coast the next couple days.Enjoy your Sunday!


Author: Howard

Love talking about the weather, technology, and family (and not in that order).

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