9/30/2018 – Chance of Showers, a Bit Breezy

Starting off this last day of September at 82F with a dew point of 73F with a nice easterly breeze of 13mph. Today, like yesterday, some clouds and sun with a high of 90F. We will see a chance of showers and thunderstorms this afternoon and into the evening, with the morning and early afternoon mostly rain free. An area of low pressure over the Bahamas could trigger the rain activity as it slides towards the west but we are not expecting anything severe, with our main weather threat being lightning and rip currents at the beaches.

We will continue to have a chance of showers and thunderstorms into next week as our temps remain somewhat constant, maybe a degree or two lower for the overnight lows.

In the tropics advisories are being issued on tropical storm Leslie in the mid-Atlantic with no other tropical development expected over the next five days.

A beautiful mourning at Pompano Beach earlier but there was a lot of seaweed which has been an issue for a couple months now which really has not subsided. Here you can see layers of it along the coastline for as far as you can see. Enjoy your day!


Author: Howard

Love talking about the weather, technology, and family (and not in that order).

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