10/20/2018 – Pleasant Saturday Ahead, Fall Weather Ahead (Florida Style)

A mostly clear morning so far with a temp of 76F and a dew point of 73F so there are patches of wet grass out there. A slightly above temp day ahead with a high of 89F. We could see a quick shower today but most areas should be dry.

Fall is on its way, that is where we will have slightly cooler temps in the morning but our days will remain warm. A cold front will almost clear the area tomorrow evening stalling just south of the area.

A shower or two could be seen with this front as it stalls and then moves back north triggering a better chance of showers later in the week. Then as we go into the later part of next weekend a front should clear the area giving us our first full shot of cooler air.

Lows in the 60s could be seen late next weekend. In the meantime we will look for lower dew points this coming Tuesday morning as the Euro is showing 62F.

Enjoy the day and certainly get out and enjoy all the Pumpkin festivities going on.


Author: Howard

Love talking about the weather, technology, and family (and not in that order).

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