10/19/19 – Yes, Some Rain Today, But Not a Complete Washout

Do not let the radar and satellite fool you, not the best looking day but there is potential to enjoy some time outside today.

Tropical Storm Nestor is bringing the bulk of the weather to our west and north where a Tornado Watch is currently in effect. For us starting the day at a summer-like 81° we have and will see some more rain but we will not have rain all day. As the day progresses we will see winds pick up with some gusts above 20mph. Keep the umbrella around in other words. Weather hazards today for our area will be possible lightning, gusty winds, and with some of the heavier rain we have had if showers linger we could see some localized flooding. Rainfall amounts will generally be between one-quarter and one-half inch around SE Florida today. High today 88°

Tomorrow we will see some clearing but the chance of rain will remain.

Tropical Storm Nestor is not a typical system with much of the weather and wind on the east side of the Storm. Currently max winds are 50mph and beyond what we see today will not really impact our weather going into tomorrow and beyond.

Enjoy your day.


Author: Howard

Love talking about the weather, technology, and family (and not in that order).

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