12/23/21 – Cool and Dry Today, Gradual Warming Starts Tomorrow

We are waking up ti our coolest morning of the season. Pompano is currently at 56° after our low of 53°. We are heading up to 72° this afternoon with plenty of sun and no rain.

Christmas Eve and Christmas Day will continue this trend of nice weather with only gradual warming and no rain expected for the entire weekend. Not really seeing a real chance of rain until mid-next week.

NWS temp forecast for the next seven days.

No reason not to get outside or at least open the windows.

12/3/21 – Weekend Weather Looks Nice, Get Outside

We are starting this Friday at 58° with plenty of sun and a few high clouds. This is continuing our wonderful streak of pleasant weather.

We will continue our trend of warming up with highs today through the weekend approaching 80° then a touch warmer and stabilizing early next week. This puts us right around average this time of the year.

NWS highs/lows for the next seven days.

Rainfall will be hard to find. As we warm up this weekend we will see some more clouds and a very slight increase in our chance of a light shower through Sunday. rainfall amounts will be less than .05 inches (if any at all).

NWS rainfall forecast through Sunday. IF zany showers they will be light and isolated.

Get out and enjoy the outdoors this weekend. In Pompano there is Old Town Untapped going on between 6pm and 10pm tonight (Friday). Wonderful evening weather, music, food trucks, and vendors. You will find all of this at the NE corner of Atlantic Blvd and Dixie Highway. Find more information here:


Enjoy the day!

11/23/21 – Breezy and Cooler Today

The cooler weather has arrived giving us breezy and drier conditions. Sunny conditions will be around today with winds between 15 and 20 mph with gusts as high as 25 mph. With the onshore flow we could see some very light showers. These will be quick and almost non-accumulating.

Latest satellite image showing the cold front well to our south.

Breeziness will stick with us through tomorrow with some increase in cloudiness, but we will remain mostly sunny. Temps through the week will not change much.

Next cold front is on Friday, still not expecting much rain or weather with it which will reinforce our pleasant weather for the weekend.

11/22/21 – Patchy Fog this Morning, Showers Later with Cold Front

A Dense Fog Advisory is in effect until 8am for the area. As of 7am the visibility at Pompano Air Park was 3 miles. Improving from less than a mile an hour ago.

A cold front, now entering Florida, will pass through later today bringing some showers and a possible thunderstorm this afternoon into the early evening,

Once the front passes we will finally dry out from the wet pattern we have been. Drier and cooler weather will be with us through Thanksgiving, next chance of rain will be on Friday with the passing of another cold front.

11/6/21 – Cold Front Almost Here

As our Saturday is starting the cold front that brought the rain we had most of Friday will be passing through by 8am. We may see one more burst of showers before we feel a change in the air. The current radar shows the showers, the dividing line between our muggy air and the drier or behind it.

Radar at 631am.

With the passing of the front we will have a shift in the wind, drier air, and a bump in the wind speeds. Winds will be about 15 mph with gusts to 25 mph possible. Our high today will not be much warmer than they are now peaking around 75°. In fact, temps around the state already show the effects of the front.

Tonight’s low will be 57° with a wonderful weather day tomorrow with clear skies, no rain and an extra hour of sleep. Enjoy your day!

10/31/21 – Not a Scary Forecast, Boo! Is That Wanda?

After a low of 66° this morning around 4am we have wormed up to 73° on our way up to 84° today. All of Florida is enjoying the Florida-Fall weather.

9am temps.

We have mostly clear skies across the area this morning as dry air is in place over the state. As we go into the late afternoon we will see some low-level clouds build up. We could feel a couple drops of rain but nothing to get in the way of enjoying today’s festivities or trick-or treating. We will have nearly perfect weather to be outside. (Could be a few degrees cooler).

Not much to see over Florida this morning.

We will slowly warm up this week but no real weather concerns. Next cold front could be late week into next weekend.

Boo! That is Sub-Tropical Storm Wanda that formed last night over the northern Atlantic Ocean. No land concerns but that does complete our list of 2021 tropical names for the Atlantic. If there is another named system the alternate list will be used with Adria being next up.

Sub-Tropical Storm Wanda.

Enjoy your Halloween!

9/17/21 – Afternoon Showers and Thunderstorms for the Weekend

Not a bad weekend in store weather wise, in fact somewhat typical. As we see out there now, expect some showers a d thunderstorm every after through Sunday with boughs around 90°. Current radar as of this writing.

Locations with thunderstorms will receive more rainfall but generally about one-quarter to one inch of rain for most areas through the weekend. Given that, there will still be opportunities to enjoy outdoor activities. Latest rainfall totals through Sunday afternoon. I would say at this point today and Sunday will see more rain coverage than on Saturday.

Tropics are active with three areas to watch over the next several days. Currently we do not have any concerns. The one system that is in the central Atlantic is expected to curve towards the open Atlantic with no indications of significant strengthening at this time.

Enjoy the afternoon.

8/27/21 – Sun and a Few Showers for the Weekend, Ida is a Hurricane

Current Pompano is 90° with a dew point of 75° with a very nice wind from the east at 14mph. There are a few spotty showers on radar.

For today and Saturday we will remain breezy with highs around 90°. The scattered showers should be quick moving but we may see some gusty winds associated with them. At this time the main weather threat will be lightning. On Sunday we will see more shower and thunderstorm coverage with winds decreasing through the day. Rainfall amounts for the weekend are expected to be between one-half and three-quarters of an inch,

In the tropics, Ida was upgraded to a Hurricane this afternoon as recon found stringer winds just prior to making landfall in Cuba. Ida will not produce any direct impacts for south Florida but all those in the northern Gulf coast should continue to monitor the storm. Tropical watches and warnings are in effect for some areas.

Latest satellite image of Hurricane Ida.
11am NHC forcast and 2pm update for Ida.
8am ET model runs on Ida, tightly clustered.

Enjoy the rest of your day.

8/15/21 – Flood Watch Continues, Not a Washout Today

Good morning and starting the day at 85° under mostly cloudy skies. Similar to yesterday there will be showers and some thunderstorms around, but most will not see all day rain. You will still be able to get outside without getting wet. Though, a Flood Watch will remain in effect until this evening for areas that may see heavy rain. High today will be 89°.

The tropics are busy, the remnants of Fred should reorganize today and head into the panhandle of Florida as a tropical storm.

Tropical Storm Grace remains a small, compact storm with an uncertain future. SE Florida is currently out of the cone but this could change as land interactions will inhibit strengthening while if it remains north (or even south) of the islands will allow slow, steady strengthening. Grace will need to be watched as we go into the new week. Some of the latest models show there is some consensus but it is not unanimous.

8/15/21 8am advisory on Grace.
8/15/21 2am ET model runs for Grace.

I will have more later on Grace and the week ahead. Enjoy your day.

8/12/21 8am – Fred is a Disorganized Mess, Rain is Certain for the Weekend

As of this morning Fred is very disorganized with a broad rotation as it emerged off the coast of Haiti early this morning. Recon is currently investigating the storm and has yet to find any tropical storm force winds. Fred will continue to be watched as it is now over warm waters to see how/if it evolves while traveling in the direction of Florida.

Current forecast has not really changed, and with a disorganized system the overall intensity is not the concern. Rainfall could be plentiful this weekend, the Weather Prediction Center latest forecast calls for areas of five plus inches through this weekend for parts of SE Florida.

Latest tropical models remain consistent and in line with the current NHC forecast.

Current forecast time line is for shower activity to ramp up on Friday and rain should be plentiful Saturday with some gusty winds. By Sunday shower activity will likely decrease into the afternoon and into the evening.

More updates later today with quick updates on Twitter PompanoWeather