TD3 Off the Coast, No Significant Risks

As of 11PM TD3 remains off the coast of SE Florida. Main threat from the system will be possible heavy rain which we are not seeing much of from the system. Current radar and lightning data shows a squall line off of Broward county producing thunder I am hearing Pompano.

On satellite TD3’s presentation has become worse through the evening as convection has died down for now.

Forecast for TD3 is for not much change on the next 12 hours as it moves off towards the northwest then more towards the north tomorrow before being absorbed by a front Wednesday.

Keep an umbrella near tomorrow and if you encounter some of the heavier showers just give it some time to pass before heading out.

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7/13/2019 – Mostly Dry and Warm Saturday

With some mid to level high clouds we are starting this Saturday off at 84° and a dew point of 75°, fairly typical mid July weather. What is a bit unusual is that we have a very, very minimal chance of rain today.

Plenty of sun around today and a high of 90° which again is typical and we certainly can see we are in the doldrums of summer looking at highs and lows for the week to come.

Rain chances will return tomorrow but still nothing wide spread is expected.

Tropical Storm Barry continues to approach Louisiana this morning with some strengthening expected prior to landfall Barry could become a Hurricane. Whether it does or not, the primary threat will be flooding in the area.

Enjoy your Saturday.

6/8/19 – Another Warm Morning, Better Chance of Showers

As the sun starts to rise we are at 84° this morning with a dew point of 75° in Pompano Beach.

Moisture is starting build in the atmosphere and this will cause an increase in shower coverage today and will continue to increase into next week. You can see some of this on satellite and the resulting showers on radar.

We will also see an increase in wind today helping to make being outside a bit more comfortable. With that come an increased risk of rip currents. High today will be 91°. Here is the hour by hour forecast.

Still plenty of opportunity to get outside and enjoy the day.

6/29/19 – Rain Will be Around this Weekend With a Few Breaks

We are straying this weekend with a temp of 83° and a few point of 73° with some clouds around. Along with the clouds there are some showers, mostly offshore. We do have a tropical wave in the area and that will give us a better than usual chance of showers and thunderstorms but also keep our temps a little suppressed.

Today’s high will be 88°. Showers will expand in coverage trough the day with the latest HRRR indicating by 1pm they could be widespread in the area.

So not a complete washout it you will be dodging some rain. Only weather threat is the associating lightning with thunderstorms.

We can expect more tomorrow.

Enjoy the day!

6/22/19 – Continued Hot and Mostly Dry

Another hot day ahead much like yesterday with highs in the 90s and heat indicies above 100°. Currently in Pompano we are at 82° after a high yesterday of 91°.

Hour by hour we will be around 90° by late morning and will remain at or above that until after 4pm according to the latest hourly HRRR. Today’s high will be 91° but will be even warmer as you get away from the coast.

We could see some inland showers today but not expecting anything significant over the eastern half of the counties.

Sunday will be somewhat the same except a better chance of some showers mid to late afternoon. Temperatures should moderate some as we go into next week.

Drink plenty of water if you are outside working, playing, or even swimming to stay hydrated.

Enjoy the day!

Father’s Day 2019 – Rain Expected Along with a Few Storms

Happy Father’s Day to all who are today. Expected showers and some thunderstorms around as we get later into the day. Currently 82° in Pompano with a dew point of 72° which makes for a muggy morning. The only break we have right now is, depending on where you are, rain that is moving over north Pompano into Deerfield or the outflow from the shower brining a refreshing breeze from it.

The flow will be from east to west today and satellite shows a wide area of activity current over the Bahamas that will move towards the peninsula. This combined with some daytime heating will give us that high chance of showers.

Predictive radar (HRRR) for 5pm shows this activity over much of south Florida.

Like yesterday, main weather threats will be lightning, possible localized flooding due to brief heavy rain, wind gusts of 45mph in the strongest of storms, and for boaters the possibility of waterspouts.

High today will be 87° thanks to the extra cloud cover but heat indices could still reach near 100°. Over the next seven days we will see an increase in temps as our wet pattern will start to break around midweek.

Enjoy your day!