4/15/2018 – Strong to Severe Storms this Afternoon and Evening

Appears we have an active weather day ahead. Though the overall probability of sever weather has decreased slightly (Slight to Marginal) these is still a notable chance and we need to be weather aware today.

With highs today around 87F there will be ample energy in the atmosphere to fuel these strong to severe storms in two rounds.

One this afternoon ahead of a squall line and with the squall line. Main threats will be gusty winds, hail, lightning, and even short-lived tornadoes are possible. Main time frame for the squall line will be between 6pm and midnight, but this could change with the actual speed of the front. Here is the latest HRRR showing the approach of the line around 7pm and the bulk of the activity over us at 11pm.

I will updated on Twitter as we go into the afternoon or sooner with any updates.

Be weather ready!


4/14/18 – Fairly Nice Saturday, Strong to Severe Storms Sunday

Winds are starting to veer from the southeast late this morning which will limit rainfall potential to near zero along the coast and a few showers inland. High today will be 87F.

This is ahead of a frontal system that will sweep the area the later part of tomorrow afternoon to the evening hours. There will be a squall line associated with this system which will bring the risk of gusty winds, brief heavy rainfall, and possible hail. Also cannot rule out a possible tornado at this time (remember this past Tuesday). The latest outlook keeps us in a Marginal risk.

I will update this risk later tonight and into tomorrow.

Temps into next week will start off cooler than average with the passing of the front with lows around 60F for Tuesday morning. As we go into next week temps will climb back into the average/slightly above average area.

Follow the Twitter feed for quick updates and more here later for Sunday’s severe weather threat.

4/8/18 – Clouds and Some Showers Today

74F and mostly cloudy this morning in Pompano. Going into today we will see more shower activity compared to yesterday this afternoon with a high of 86F. The latest HRRR shower the scattered shower activity around this afternoon.

Going into the work week Monday will continue warm with a high about 85F then our highs will drop a bit due to a wind shift closer to 80F. The ECMWF depicts this well.

Showers remain a possibility with Tuesday being the least likely day. Going into the latest part of the week temps will slowly rise with highs above 80F for the weekend.

Overall nothing severe or heavy expected, just be prepared for some shower activity with a chance of a thunderstorm especially today.

Here are some sunrise pictures from Pompano Beach, Florida this morning. Enjoy your day!

3/18/18 – Beautiful Weather for the Outdoors Today

Starting our Sunday off at 64F in Pompano with clear skies. Some patch fog around this morning but besides that there are no weather hazards to speak of. Even our surf and boating conditions are ideal to be out on the water today.

Today’s high will be 81F and we could see a light shower towards sunset but that is nothing to bet on. Hourly temp forecast from NWS shows a quick warm up into the late morning and staying around 80F.

Looking ahead to this week we could see a shower or thunderstorm ahead of our next from later Tuesday and then another shot of cooler weather for us in this second half of March. We need to enjoy the below normal temps while we can, Florida heat (and humidity) is not far behind. Model blended highs and lows for the next ten days.


3/10/18 – Clouds, Moisture, and Temps Increase Today

Starting off much warmer than we did at midnight along the immediate coast where an east wind has ushered in some marine air. Currently 68F in Pompano while FXE is reporting 59F at 6am. Map shows the isotherm diving the 50s and 60s.

As moisture increases ahead of a disturbance that bring some rain into the area mostly later tonight and into tomorrow we cannot rule out a shower or two this afternoon. Today will be the less rainy day so enjoy the outside if you have a chance. This is the GFS output for rain for the next 24 hours.

Looking ahead to next week another cold front will sweep through on Monday dropping our temps back to where we were a few days ago and then warming up the later part of next week. Tuesday we will struggle to get to 70F.

Looking at the past week we have been below normal most everyday in both our highs and lows, a nice contrast from February.

Weather hazards today are rip currents at the beaches and possible lightning with isolated thunderstorms in the later part of today into the evening.

Enjoy your day!

3/4 – Beautiful Weather for Today, Near Normal Temps

In Pompano we are at 58F this morning as we enjoy our second “cooler” morning. Though our temps are only slightly below normal with the warmer February we had I think all of our enjoying this change.

We will see a high of 77F today with mostly clear skies, no rain chances. Our next chance of rain does not come in until late Wednesday and into Thursday with the approach and passing of our next cold front. This will again dry out our air and bring us to near normal temps again late in the week and Saturday. This is the latest Euro showing our temperature roller coaster.

The only weather threat today will be surf conditions becoming very rough due to waves generated from the nor’easter that is now well offshore the NE coast.

Go out to the many festivals in the area (Renaissance Festival, St. Coleman’s Carnival) and enjoy our early Match weather.