11-22-2018 Happy Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Weekend Forecast

With a partly cloudy and warm 82F in Pompano a Happy Thanksgiving to all my readers. Yes, there are some showers around so carefully time your deep-fried turkey sessions outside.

There was a waterspout reported three miles off of Deerfield Beach this morning so mariners should keep a cautious eye out during some of the activity this afternoon.

As we go into the evening not really expecting much change as our weather pattern will not change much today or tomorrow. Low tonight will be 68F and for Friday a high of 81F. If venturing out for Black Friday shopping tonight or tomorrow keep your umbrella near for those showers. Overall mostly pleasant weather for this time of the year.

We do have a combination of a weather features including the front that moved tough the area yesterday decreasing moisture in the atmosphere and an approaching short wave from the Gulf of Mexico that will provide some energy for the shower development we will see into tomorrow. Forecast map for tomorrow 8am depicts this.

For the balance of the holiday weekend we will warm a bit more Saturday and Sunday, highs about 85, along with a few showers. Next cold front should sweep through Tuesday dropping our lows to about normal for this time of the year and giving us a break from the showers. Looking further out not really seeing any significant shifts in temps.

Enjoy your time this holiday and I will get an update out later in the weekend.


11/4/2018 – A Change in Weather From Yesterday

We are waking up this Sunday morning to a bit warmer and damp compared to yesterday. The front that swept through Friday evening moved further south than expected giving us a dryer day than expected yesterday. Then early evening yesterday the front started to retreat back to the north bring rain last night to the area and warming us up a bit overnight. At 7am we are at 80F with most of the shower activity to our north. Latest satellite imagery shows the boundary just to our north.

For today we should see a high of 85F with still a chance of a shower but nothing widespread. Most of the rain. Ow associates this this warm front will be over the central and northern parts of Florida. HRRR depicts this well and here is the general rain areas for this afternoon.

Going into the week. It much change in temps expected until we get to late week when the next front will approach the area and will bump rain chances up.

Election Day forecast should be mostly dry and pleasant giving us no reason not to vote, if you have not done so already.

Here is Pompano Beach this morning at sunrise with a few clouds and a nice easterly breeze. Enjoy your day!

10/28/2018 – Fall Arrived in South Florida

Step outside this morning and you will feel a change in the air. After a high yesterday of 90F we are at 63F as of 7am. Almost all areas of south Florida are in the 60s as we start this Saturday.

Today will be a “Chamber of Commerce” day with a few clouds and a high of 80F. Hourly temps through the next 30 hours will look like this.

So after another night in the 60s we will return to our lows in the 70s for the next week or so. No significant weather is expected this week including what should be a pleasant Halloween evening with barely a chance of rain and moderate temps. Next chance of rain will be on Thursday and going into the weekend. NWS forecasted highs and lows are not bad at all.

Certainly, get out and enjoy our Fall weather today. Here are a couple picture from Pompano Beach from this morning.

Enjoy your day!

10/20/2018 – Pleasant Saturday Ahead, Fall Weather Ahead (Florida Style)

A mostly clear morning so far with a temp of 76F and a dew point of 73F so there are patches of wet grass out there. A slightly above temp day ahead with a high of 89F. We could see a quick shower today but most areas should be dry.

Fall is on its way, that is where we will have slightly cooler temps in the morning but our days will remain warm. A cold front will almost clear the area tomorrow evening stalling just south of the area.

A shower or two could be seen with this front as it stalls and then moves back north triggering a better chance of showers later in the week. Then as we go into the later part of next weekend a front should clear the area giving us our first full shot of cooler air.

Lows in the 60s could be seen late next weekend. In the meantime we will look for lower dew points this coming Tuesday morning as the Euro is showing 62F.

Enjoy the day and certainly get out and enjoy all the Pumpkin festivities going on.

9/30/2018 – Chance of Showers, a Bit Breezy

Starting off this last day of September at 82F with a dew point of 73F with a nice easterly breeze of 13mph. Today, like yesterday, some clouds and sun with a high of 90F. We will see a chance of showers and thunderstorms this afternoon and into the evening, with the morning and early afternoon mostly rain free. An area of low pressure over the Bahamas could trigger the rain activity as it slides towards the west but we are not expecting anything severe, with our main weather threat being lightning and rip currents at the beaches.

We will continue to have a chance of showers and thunderstorms into next week as our temps remain somewhat constant, maybe a degree or two lower for the overnight lows.

In the tropics advisories are being issued on tropical storm Leslie in the mid-Atlantic with no other tropical development expected over the next five days.

A beautiful mourning at Pompano Beach earlier but there was a lot of seaweed which has been an issue for a couple months now which really has not subsided. Here you can see layers of it along the coastline for as far as you can see. Enjoy your day!

9/16/2018 – Very Slight Chance of a Shower, Warm

It is Sunday morning and 81F in Pompano with a dew point of 77F. Due to Florence we will have a much below normal chance of rain or showers today (as we did yesterday) with any activity primarily being inland. Latest satellite image showed the lack of action near our area.

High today will be 91F with some clouds. As we go through the next few days there will be about normal chances of rain but then turning more likely as we get into the end of the week and into next weekend, Rainfall amounts forecasted over the next five days should be under one-half inch.

Temps will be about normal for the mid/late part of September.

Use today as a good reason to get outside and enjoy some of our Pompano site. Here is the morning view from Pompano Beach.

9/9/2018 – Much Like Saturday, Scattered Showers

Good morning, starting off at 78F this morning ahead of another day with scattered showers and thunderstorms in our area. Not all saw rain yesterday and expect the same today. High temps today will be like yesterday, high 89F. Official NWS forecast for highs and rainfall for today.

Florence…now that recon flights have sampled the storm and the area around it along with additional upper air observation from the SE US NWS offices we in south Florida can breath easier as Florence should stay well north of us and the effects we will have from Wednesday and into the weekend will be rough surf and above normal high tides. Below is the latest NHC forecast and early morning models showing very good consensus of a path towards the North Carolina coast.

Last item this morning is a picture I took yesterday from Boca of a SLC (scary looking cloud). There was no rotation to the cloud so it was not a funnel cloud but would be more of a scud cloud. So not severe but not something you see everyday.

Enjoy your day!