6/1/19 – More Typical Pattern, First Day of Hurricane Season

Our 2019 Hurricane Season begins today and this is the time to prepare for storms and gathering supplies you will need if a storm affects our area. You can find details of the 2019 tax free holiday on hurricane supplies here.

Currently the NHC is watching an area of weather near the Yucatán peninsula. This area will not affect us and has a chance of development through tomorrow.

At this hour it is 79° with mostly clear skies and near calm winds. Today we will begin to return to a more normal pattern for this time of year as the risk of showers and thunderstorms return after a couple weeks of absence. High today will be 90°. Hour by hour will look like this.

Heat indices could reach 100°+ today so please drink plenty of liquids (water) and use sun block when outside.

Enjoy the day!


5/26/19 – Dry, Warm and Breezy Sunday

A very uncharacteristically dry atmosphere is still over us thanks to high pressure will greatly minimize the chance of rain again today. Generally with an easterly wind we see occasional showers but that is not the case today. Compared to yesterday we are seeing some moist air starting to move north from the Caribbean to over Cuba today. Satellite images show the dry air over us (oranges and reds) with the brighter colors over and south of Cuba.

As we approach the noon hour we are at 86° in Pompano with an easterly wind of 14mph. We have a couple more degrees to go towards our high today of 89°.

Tomorrow we will see mostly the same with a slight chance of a shower. Next 36 hours of temps do not show much cooling overnight.

The only weather concern is the risk of rip currents at the beaches, use caution if in the water!

Enjoy the day.

5/25/19 – Mostly Dry and Breezy

Enjoy the next couple of mornings while we have them as moisture will be coming into the area and increasing our dew points. Current in Pompano it is 77° with a dew point of 65°. Plenty of dry air over us as seen by the darker tones of the IR satellite image.

Today we will see some clouds. It not expecting any significant showers. We will be Breezy with a high of 87°. Tomorrow the wind will start to calm down and the temps will increase slightly. Hour by hour for Pompano currently looks like this.

Memorial Day does not look bad at all either but warmer with a high of 89°

Enjoy the day!

Subtropical Storm Andrea Will Be Short Lived, No Effect on Florida

Subtropical Storm Andrea was declared earlier this evening after a recon flight found a closed circulation and winds of 40mph. ST Andrea is moving towards the north at 14mph.

Subtropical Storm Andrea will be absorbed by cold front come Wednesday but there is a small window of opportunity for strengthening tomorrow. The system will not pose a threat to Florida.

The official start to the Atlantic Hurricane Season is June 1. There is no direct correlation between an early season storm and the overall activity for a season.

For the balance of the week our weather in Pompano should be mostly dry, with only scattered showers. The chance of rain will actually decrease a touch as we get towards the later part of the week and into the weekend from what I see right now.

5/18/19 – Some Clouds and Warm, Isolated Chance of Rain

A few clouds to our east this morning with a temp of 75° and a dew point of 66°, not really muggy feeling at the moment.

There are some showers off shore moving to the mainland but for the most part these will dissipate as they get close to shore since the moisture in the atmosphere is limited to the lower levels. So I cannot rule out a shower or even a thunderstorm this morning but not expecting anything significant.

This afternoon showers will develop west of us and today’s pattern keeps that activity away from us. High today 85° and we will see about the same tomorrow. The next 36 hours has a narrow temperature range for us. We will not see 95° as we did earlier in the week.

There is no reason not to enjoy the outside but if you are at the beaches be cautious of rip currents, we will see a moderate threat with the easterly breeze today.

Lastly for this morning, there is a tropical wave that the National Hurricane Center is monitoring to our east. Development is not likely this weekend and there is a slight chance of development into next week. At that time this system should pose no threat to us. This serves as a reminder that hurricane season is around the corner.

Enjoy your day!

5/12/19 – Mother’s Day, Very Warm with Afternoon Thunderstorms

Happy Mother’s Day and we will have a mixture of weather today. Starting off with 82° and a mostly clear radar with just a couple showers off the Atlantic coast.

We will see some showers and thunderstorms develop out west and slowly move towards the east. Latest HRRR simulate radar shows this activity in the late afternoon to early evening hours.

There will be a threat of lightning this afternoon and the possibility of waterspouts this morning off the coast.

High today will be 91° and will be the first of a few days where we will be at or above 90°.

Enjoy the day!

5/11/19 – A Fairly Nice Mother’s Day Weekend Ahead

We are feeling summer approach as this Saturday morning. In Pompano we are at 79° with a dew point of 72° starting off this Saturday.

There are also a few showers offshore that will affect the coastal areas we we go through the morning. North Pompano and Deerfield had one of these a couple of hours ago. Current radar shows this activity.

For this afternoon most of the shower activity will be inland and on the west coast which is the pattern we have seen for the past couple days. High today will be 89°

Tomorrow much of the same but warmer with a high of 91°. As mentioned, not a bad weather weekend for Mother’s Day so no need not to go outside, it it will be warm. Hourly temps for the next 36 hours show we will not cool off much overnight either.

Enjoy the day out there and I will have an update tomorrow morning.