6/16/19 – Afternoon Update, More Rain

Satellite and radar show plenty of activity in the area. Nothing severe though with the heavier rain there will be localized street flooding.

Father’s Day 2019 – Rain Expected Along with a Few Storms

Happy Father’s Day to all who are today. Expected showers and some thunderstorms around as we get later into the day. Currently 82° in Pompano with a dew point of 72° which makes for a muggy morning. The only break we have right now is, depending on where you are, rain that is moving over north Pompano into Deerfield or the outflow from the shower brining a refreshing breeze from it.

The flow will be from east to west today and satellite shows a wide area of activity current over the Bahamas that will move towards the peninsula. This combined with some daytime heating will give us that high chance of showers.

Predictive radar (HRRR) for 5pm shows this activity over much of south Florida.

Like yesterday, main weather threats will be lightning, possible localized flooding due to brief heavy rain, wind gusts of 45mph in the strongest of storms, and for boaters the possibility of waterspouts.

High today will be 87° thanks to the extra cloud cover but heat indices could still reach near 100°. Over the next seven days we will see an increase in temps as our wet pattern will start to break around midweek.

Enjoy your day!

6/15/19 – More Showers and Thunderstorms, Starting Earlier Today

We already have some showers coming ashore at this hour with areas of Pompano and south getting wet right now.

We should see additional rain and some thunderstorms later this morning and into the afternoon with the sea breeze. Rainfall amounts will be in the area of one-half inch but some areas could see an inch or more.

Weather threats today will be lightning, localized street flooding, and possible water spouts over the Atlantic waters.

We will not be as hot today as we have been over the past several days with a high of 88° but we will see heat indices between 100° and 104°. Hour by hour in Pompano look like this.

For Father’s Day we will see additional rain but mid to late afternoon shower activity could be a bit less.

Enjoy the day!

6/9/19 – Another Active Afternoon of Thundershowers

As we approach the noon time hour Pompano is at 88° with a dew point of 77°. In other words very muggy as thunderstorms approach the area.

Widespread showers and thunderstorms are expected again this Sunday afternoon. Satellite shows some of the activity already with the lighting mapper indicating activity now over the east coast areas and southwest of the lake.

Radar shows the rain starting to ramp up as well.

Again today’s weather threats will be frequent lightning with some of this activity and localized flooding in the heaviest of the storms. Yesterday Pompano Airport received 1.37 inches.

Also wind gusts to 45mph are possible in the strongest storms today along with small hail.

Use caution if outside today and if you hear thunder take cover and do not drive through water if you cannot see the bottom or unsure of the depth.

6/8/19 – Near Record Highs and Possible Heavy Rainfall Today

Like yesterday we will be warm and should see widespread shower activity as we get into the mid afternoon. Today we could get up to 93° before the showers and thunderstorms set in. Best time for the rain will be between 3pm and 7pm. Predictive radar for 5pm shows plenty of rain around the SE part of the state.

Rainfall forecast today appear we will see around an inch all along the coastal areas.

The heavier amounts will be be spotty, again like yesterday, where Pompano Airport (PMP) had .44 inches versus 2.51 at Ft. Lauderdale International Airport (FLL).

Weather threats today will be possible lightning, heat indices between 105° and 108°, wind gusts to 45mph in the stronger storms today. In additional to drinking plenty of water be ready to take shelter if you hear thunder.

Tomorrow looks to be about the same as we start to clear up Monday and beyond. By then the upper level low that is causing our unsettled weather will be away from the area.

Enjoy the day and try to stay dry.

6/1/19 – More Typical Pattern, First Day of Hurricane Season

Our 2019 Hurricane Season begins today and this is the time to prepare for storms and gathering supplies you will need if a storm affects our area. You can find details of the 2019 tax free holiday on hurricane supplies here.

Currently the NHC is watching an area of weather near the Yucatán peninsula. This area will not affect us and has a chance of development through tomorrow.

At this hour it is 79° with mostly clear skies and near calm winds. Today we will begin to return to a more normal pattern for this time of year as the risk of showers and thunderstorms return after a couple weeks of absence. High today will be 90°. Hour by hour will look like this.

Heat indices could reach 100°+ today so please drink plenty of liquids (water) and use sun block when outside.

Enjoy the day!