8/26/2018 – Sunday with Some Sun and Some Showers

Waking up this morning to 85F with a few point of 75F with our easterly flow off the ocean continuing. Radar at this time only shows a few isolated showers mostly over the Atlantic waters.

As we go into the afternoon we will see some showers and thunderstorms develop near the coast and move inland. Latest HRRR shows the timing in the noon to 2pm time frame. Not all will get wet.

After the activity moves inland we will still run a chance of rain but not as likely as the early afternoon period and most of the showers will subside by sunset for the east coast region.

Highs today will be a touch warmer than yesterday at 89F with more sunshine today. In fact we will be somewhat consistent with our highs and lows over the next few days as the easterly flow continues.

For the week ahead rain can happen most anytime but the main focus will be that late morning and early afternoon period. Into next weekend models depict a tropical wave affecting the area for the Labor Day weekend. Models do not develop it at this time before us and the GFS is dryer while the Euro is more wet. Win concern would be heavier rainfall for south Florida. This is a week out and will be watched but nothing to worry about at this time. This is the Euro for Saturday showing ample moisture over the area (dark orange).

Enjoy your day!


8/18/2018 – A Touch Cooler, Chance of Rain, No Tropical Concerns at this Time

Good Morning as we start off with a couple very light, quick showers in the area. Models are hinting at our high today of sub-90F and I will agree that 89F May. It be refreshing but not the 91-92F we have seen recently. Latest highs from the HRRR for Florida.

Showers will of course be around from coast to coast but the focus this weekend will be on the west coast. Some cooling in the mid-levels of the atmosphere will enhance lightning potential so when you hear thunder be ready to take cover. Forecasted precipitation amounts for the weekend.

Besides lightning, there is a moderate risk of rip currents so please be careful and swim at guarded beaches.

Tropics are quiet at the moment, the last advisory was issued on Tropical Storm Ernesto this morning and the area of disturbed weather between Africa and the Leeward Islands has lost much of its activity.

Enjoy the day!

8/12/2018 – Afternoon Showers and Thunderstorms

Not an unusual Sunday ahead for this time of the year. Starting our day off with 77F and a few point of 75F and no shower activity across the mainland right now. There is some shower activity about 50 miles off the coast.

For the rest of the day we will some afternoon showers develop and will affect some areas. This activity will be scattered, like yesterday, where some areas could see up to a half inch of rain and there see none. High today 92F.

For the upcoming week where the area schools are going back into session, we will see shower and thunderstorms in the afternoon likely Monday and Tuesday and less likely the second half of the week. Temps will be about where we have seen them for the past couple weeks.

Enjoy your day!

8/4/2018 – Scattered Showers/Thunderstorms this Weekend, High Risk of Rip Currents

Compared to previous weekends we should see less total rain but we will see scattered showers across the area today and tomorrow on the easterly flow setup across the area. Latest HRRR depicts this pretty well.

High today will be 91F and a bit breezy. The easterly wind will produce a high risk of rip currents, beach waters will be rough and I would not venture out into the water.

Nothing surprising in our temps for the week ahead, as we stay near normal throughout. Blend of models show very consistent temperatures.

Tropics are relatively quiet, the NHC is watching an area in the mid-Atlantic which is currently non-tropical but could acquire tropical characteristics. They are giving a 20% chance of development over the next five days.

Later this week for us we may be under the influence of more Saharan dust, this is showing up very well on satellite this morning as it progresses across the Atlantic.

Enjoy the day!

7/29/2018 – Showers and Thunderstorms for Sunday and Monday

At 8am we are at 80F in Pompano with showers and thunderstorms affecting our coastal areas. Light accumulations of rain over night with .08 inches at my house.

Like yesterday, expect some periods of sun but also more shower activity today and tomorrow. The activity is expected to move slower than yesterday so in addition to lightning be cautious of local flooding in areas of heavier, prolonged rain.

This pattern will be with us for the start of the work week with some decrease in shower activity starting Wednesday. Highs today will be 90F with low a low of 79F tonight. This range will be expected through most of the week.

Tropics remain quiet at this time with no significant areas the National Hurricane Center is currently watching.

Enjoy your day!

7/22/2017 – Another Hot Day Ahead, Storms Possible this Afternoon

Wow, after a high of 98F yesterday in Pompano we could be in store for another day in the upper 90s. This morning’s model runs are showing highs anywhere from 89F (ECMWF) to 99F (GFS operational). The high will be determined by the direction of the local winds. In between is the latest HRRR with 94F.

9am temp at Pompano is 86F with a heat index of 97F, dew point is 77F.

Regardless, we are running a risk of some stronger storms later this afternoon and these should focus on the east coast. Main weather threats today will be frequent lightning, brief gusty winds, and the possibility of funnel clouds. Activity does not appear to be widespread at this time but be ready to head for shelter if you hear thunder but do not cancel your outdoor plans.

Shower activity should become more typical for this time of the year starting tomorrow and into the new week. Temps will also moderate with highs around 90F and lows around 80F through most of the week.

Enjoy your day!

Beryl Regenerates, Advisories will Begin at 1pm

NHC will initiate advisories on TS Beryl starting at 1pm. Here is the special statement:

Special Tropical Weather Outlook

NWS National Hurricane Center Miami FL

1215 PM EDT Sat Jul 14 2018

For the North Atlantic…Caribbean Sea and the Gulf of Mexico:

Special Outlook to again update the discussion on the remnants of


Recent satellite wind data indicates that the low pressure area

associated with the remnants of Beryl has a well-defined circulation

and gale-force winds east of the center.  Based on this and

persistent convection near the center, a special advisory upgrading

the system to a subtropical storm will be issued by 1 PM EDT…

1700 UTC.

* Formation chance through 48 hours…high…near 100 percent.

* Formation chance through 5 days…high…near 100 percent.